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A Bluebird in My Heart - Tu ne tueras point au Film Fest Gent
With: Lubna Azabal, Veerle Baetens, Lola Le Lann, a.o.

"Based on Dannie M. Martin's book 'The Dishwasher', 'A Bluebird in My Heart' follows a stoical Danish ex-con who is serving the remainder of his sentence on partial house arrest at a fleabag hotel somewhere in Francophone Europe. A low-key thriller boosted by taut performances and slick cinematography." (The Hollywood Reporter) 

"While the acting performances here are a huge selling point, the real highlight of Guez's debut is visual balladry. Even with the film's grubby urban setting, cinematographer Dimitri Karakatsanis ('Small Gods') works his magic and provides the dreary environment a facelift by injecting a drab atmosphere with dreamy shots of early evening and morning lighting." (The Playlist) 

Composer: Séverin Favriau

A Night Of Sweats (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

World Premiere

Un film de Rémi Fréchette 

2018 - Québec - comédie

Une troupe d'aérobie s'entraine pour une compétition qui leur permettrait de sauver un refuge canin. Mais un malheureux incident poussera la leader Sandra (Kathline Gréco) à prendre sous son aile un bel étranger (Jonathan Robert), qu'elle devra entrainer en une seule nuit.

Avec les chansons originales de Ales Lo Verde et la trame sonore de Maxime Fortin.

A Bluebird in My Heart (Belgium, France)

World Premiere

Thriller, english, french, 85:26 mins, 2018

Danny, an ex-con is housebound in a small hotel far from his home country with an electronic bracelet as a condition for his parole. Laurence, the hotel manager, is more than willing to host former prisoners until they get back on their feet – she’s married to a convicted felon who is doing time and she knows how difficult reintegration can be. She’s having a tough time raising on her own her daughter Clara, a diabolically beautiful teenager who is trying to get a bit too personal with Danny. He quickly understands that the young woman is desperately looking for a father figure... but he has to help himself before he can help others.

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